Welcome to Suzanne's Energy Infusion

I'm a certified Reiki practitioner and a psychic medium based in Saskatoon. I've been practicing Reiki for several years and have been a practising psychic medium since 2013. I spent approximately 8 years studying yoga and pursuing a 200 hr RYT and that's where my path to the discovery that I'm a psychic medium began. The philosophy and teachings of yoga were like coming home to a place that I knew existed but hadn't found, and it inspired me to go farther and farther along the path. I've always "known" there's more, even as young as my first memory at around 4 years old. It was a knowledge, not a hope. 

I'm extremely grateful and excited to be able to offer my services. I offer psychic readings, Reiki treatments, energy/psychic/mediumship workshops, psychic mediumship coaching, and meditation/chakra paintings. I'm available to come to your home, meet in a neutral location such as a library, or provide a reading on the phone (I've done distance readings for people by phone as far away as Australia). 

 Please see Services page for prices, deals, and locations.