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  • Silver hair

    I have been watching for a few years as silver hair very slowly replaces my dark hair, and yesterday, I realized that I am rather fascinated by the silver. It's sparkly, after all, so why call it … more

  • Do It Anyway

    What if Victor Hugo had said "I can't write like Shakespear" and gave up and never wrote anything? There'd be no Les Miserables. No Notre Dame de Paris.

    Just do the thing you like to do and let time … more

  • AUM = NOW

    I realized that AUM is NOW.

    AUM represents all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be. NOW is all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever will be.


  • 3 Simple Questions

    Ask yourself these 3 simple questions (answer one before reading the next) to maybe get a new perspective on your life:

    1) What am I good at? Being a parent? Skiing? Reading? Painting? Hockey? … more

  • We Are One

    We see a star in the sky. How many light years did it take for that light to reach us as individuals? The waves of light. Energy. Photons. Endlessly they radiate out in all directions and dimensions … more

  • 7 billion people

    There are 7 billion people in the world. Your friends chose you. Your spouse/significant other/you yourself chose you. There must be something good about you to come out on top against 7 billion … more

  • How Small is Your World Getting

    Failing can cause us to abandon a dream, try fewer things, or enjoy new things less. However, failing is the only way to learn how to do something properly. Is your world getting smaller because you' … more

  • To ponder

    If you had the answer, would you make the change? if not, what point is there in having the answer? more

  • Are you an old soul?

    Just because you're shoulder deep in crap or your life is turning upside down doesn't mean you are not an old soul. There are a lot in our world. Younger souls are no less valuable or capable, and … more