Silver hair

I have been watching for a few years as silver hair very slowly replaces my dark hair, and yesterday, I realized that I am rather fascinated by the silver. It's sparkly, after all, so why call it just "grey"? I have never tried to cover it, since it does not mean that I am old - I will likely never consider myself old even when I'm in my 80's. It's like a wrinkle - the thought about "getting rid of it" or covering it flashed through my mind, but I realized I don't want to andthat made me pretty happy. I'm not itching for a full head of silver any time soon, but I'm going to use it to remind me to keep going exactly where I want in life and to keep doing exactly what I want to do, because one day I may not be able to choose for myself anymore, or do the things I love which are often strenuous physically or mentally. It will also remind me of the time I've been here and what I've done with it, whether wasted time so get moving, or well done so enjoy. Look at your own wrinkles, grey hair (or lack of), your waist line, or any other thing that has crept up on you with or without your awareness. What does it tell you? Without the hammer voice that bashes you down, what does it really tell you?

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