We Are One

We see a star in the sky. How many light years did it take for that light to reach us as individuals? The waves of light. Energy. Photons. Endlessly they radiate out in all directions and dimensions from that star and into the Universe. One individual light particle packed in with how many others to form the image that strikes the retina and shows to us a single star in the night sky. Where are you when you see it? On a boat at sea? In a desert in Australia? On a mountain in December? In the prairies in August? 

Galaxies far away. Possibly with other inhabited planets. Do they have elephants on this other planet? How about gophers, or dolphins? What color is the water? If there are people, do they celebrate the way we do? Are they more evolved? Less evolved? What do our sun and our Earth look like to them?

An infinity between us, our Earth and that one star so far away. When was our sun "born"? Did something witness it? What light from stars was there before Earth, shining light through the space that Earth currently occupies for the fraction of a second it spins through each space in its orbit, oblivious to the presence or absence of an entity to witness it? Is that star that emitted the light through our space before the Earth "was" even still in existence? How about the light from the star we see today?

And now you. Me. Each of us as indivuals. Completely separate and yet our energy is pulsating and mixing with the others in our city, our country, our planet, creating something energetically new yet keeping the distinctness that we each add. What is the image of you, of me, of us that is projected? Where does that energy go? Who experiences it to validate its reality, its existence? For how many years will our individual and combined energy radiate outward into the universe?

I am here. You are there. The space between us is infinitely large, measurable in light years. And yet the space between us is also infinitesimally small, measurable only with a microscope. Nanometers. The space of an electrons' field. I am you. You are me. The light from the stars is energy. It hits my eye, or yours, or an unnamed, unmapped spot on the Earth or other object, and that particular instant is lost forever. The energy is quietly stopped. Silently absorbed. The gargantuan, unfathomable expansiveness of the universe envelops us. Can you feel it? It's everywhere. Can you hear it? As tiny as we are in this spaciousness, we are here. You and I. We are energy. Our energy will radiate endlessly. It will move others. You are I are witnessed. You and I will be remembered. You and I and the infinite universe are one.

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