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Special offer for 2019

In 2019, I'll be conducting an inquiry into the effects of Reiki on those undergoing cancer treatment or who are post-treatment. You'll continue your medical treatment and your regular doctor visits as medically prescribed, but we'll be doing Reiki in addition to those.

Reiki can be done in person or by phone, which means people in other provinces or even countries could participate. Because it's an inquiry, we'll be tracking the effects of sessions, so I require participants who are willing to commit to several treatments, anywhere from twice a month to every week for whatever period of time we determine, and who are willing to record what you notice. Therefore, for those in the inquiry, I've lowered the cost of a session.

If you're interested in the above offer, or know someone who may be, please PM me and share my post so those who might be interested can see if the offer is right for them.

About me - I've been a Reiki practitioner (trained to Master level) and Intuitive worker (psychic medium) for about 7 years, I have a 4 year degree in microbiology and worked in labs for almost 20 years, I completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training and instructed for 5 years, I'm a certified Life Coach, and I've been a voracious reader of yoga, energy work, self work, and science for most of my life. I believe anything is possible and that the only real obstacle is finding the way.

Note: I am NOT a medical professional and will not diagnose or prescribe. Sessions, as stated, are to be strictly in addition to, or as follow up from, complete medical treatment. I will offer no medical advice other than to seek professional medical advice.

Hours - I don't have a set schedule but can generally accommodate services between 7 am and 8 pm start times with some restrictions, Mon - Fri. Contact me to set something up! 

The following rates are in effect as of January 1, 2016

Release some holiday stress with a Reiki treatment or a psychic reading. Clarify your direction with a psychic reading or coaching. Email me to book a session!

Reiki Treatment or Psychic Reading

30 min $65

60 min $100

90 min $140

Appointments are available on the phone, in your home, in my home, or in a neutral location such as a library

Reiki and a Psychic Reading (occuring at the same time)

30 min $75

60 min $125

90 min $150

Appointments are available on the phone, in my home, or in your home.


Workshops for Energy Awareness or Psychic or Mediumship Development

If you are interested in learning more about how we use the energy available to us and how to use it with intent, or accessing or improving your intuitive and/or mediumship abilities, this is the workshop for you. We learn about how each works, have time for questions, and do many exercises that demonstrate how you are using your energy, that show you are already using your intuition, that demonstrate that you are connected with those who have passed, and exercises that strengthen your abilities. 

If you have a minimum of 12 people, I may be able to travel to your town/city to facilitate a workshop (pending road and weather conditions). Each workshop is approx 6 hours in length. Email me to set up a date or for further details!

Also, I have several mini-workshops in development and will roll them out in the new year. Check back for details or email me or PM me on Facebook!

Chakra Paintings for Meditation

I offer various sizes of abstract acrylic paintings ranging from very small (3 inches by 3 inches) to wall mural sizes. Please email me for details or see my Facebook page.