I was blown away by what was revealed by Suzanne.  Not only in what was said but she had a perfect read on my emotional state at the time.  Well worth it.  - Brendan 

Suzanne exceeded my expectations regarding the spiritual reading done for me over the phone.  So much of what she shared had meaning for me and I was surprised at the emotion the reading evoked.  Her accuracy throughout the reading was very impressive and I am still in awe that my mom's messages came through so clearly.  After the call I felt more at peace regarding my mom's passing and believe I finally have the closure I need to move forward in my life.  Thank you so much, Suzanne, for impacting my life in such a positive and meaninngful way.  It was money well spent because the messages I received were priceless. - D Wallace, Calgary AB

Suzanne has given me the hope and the answers I have searched for since the passing of my uncle.  I was filled with such happiness after my reading.  Her warmth and inviting smile were very welcoming.  Wonderful.  Shannon

I had my second reading with Suzanne since meeting her.  She is a very gifted woman.  She makes you very comfortable and she is very professional and amazing.  You won't be disappointed.  Vern

Suzanne has connected with my Spirit guide and even my love interest's Spirit guide.  She has given me on-the-nose information about my life and things to come, which has given me a different outlook on situations I'm involved in and faced with.  Her insight and guidance has kept me going when I thought things were pointless.  She has a beautiful gift and I will continue to check in with her on occasion.  Karen

Suzanne is the real deal.  Treena

Suzanne is a very talented and gifted psychic medium.  Her answers to my questions are informative, caring, and helpful for my life's journey's.  Her healing messages from passed loved ones are precise and are messages I needed to hear.  Cheryl

Suzanne answered my questions before I asked them. Ashley

I think my life was changed by this reading. Amanda